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Project Description Owner Last Change
Marketplaylister.git App that makes a public playli... 3 years ago
blame.git A short blame script 3 years ago
brackets.git Brackets for Instagram Stories 3 years ago
cliktionary.git Cliktionary, a WebExtension... 3 years ago
fflogs.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 2 years ago
hevc-pipeline.git A pipeline for streaming HEVC... 16 months ago
hnim.git Firefox Extension for HN... 19 months ago
img_upload.git literally fuck anything that... 22 months ago
life-pd.git A Conway's Game of Life for... 8 weeks ago
mail-count.git Simple script + DBus output... 2 years ago
mail-dbus.git A method call bouncer (a.k... 2 years ago
mercuryms.git MercuryMS: An MMS receiver... 3 years ago
perfect-gift.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 3 years ago
pics.git The code for 15 months ago
pm.git plists for when caffeine isn... 2 years ago
recurse.git Recurse Center application... 2 weeks ago
resume.git My resume 5 months ago
sockgit.git Automate git repo creation... 2 years ago
spot-check-nix.git An Arch utility for pulling... 3 years ago
srt-adjust.git Modify any .srt style subtitle... 16 months ago
xsetrootd.git A daemon for reacting to D... 2 weeks ago