2020-11-13 Jacob CasperFix typo in playback status key retrieval master
2020-11-09 Jacob CasperPad minute value in time display string
2020-11-06 Jacob CasperDisplay current playback status
2020-11-06 Jacob CasperPut date and time in xsetroot name
2020-11-06 Jacob CasperSpawn xsetroot command on value update
2020-11-06 Jacob CasperListen for custom mail count signal
2020-10-20 Jacob CasperClone map so that it multiple closures can use it and...
2020-10-19 Jacob CasperReduce boilerplate in API by internalizing &str ->...
2020-10-19 Jacob CasperStore matched encountered property values in map
2020-10-18 Jacob CasperGet title of currently playing track
2020-10-18 Jacob CasperGet artist of currently playing track
2020-10-17 Jacob CasperListen for changed spotify properties