descriptionBrackets for Instagram Stories
last changeSat, 25 Apr 2020 22:04:42 +0000 (17:04 -0500)
2020-04-25 Jacob CasperSimplify genre retrieval with promise master
2020-04-25 Jacob CasperRemove commented out image smoothing code
2020-04-25 Jacob CasperCheck artist data before drawing
2020-04-25 Jacob CasperFix infinite bracket on genre with one artist
2020-04-25 Jacob CasperUse datalist instead of home-rolled autocomplete
2020-04-19 Jacob CasperOrder genres alphabetically
2020-04-19 Jacob CasperRemove limit on genre return
2020-04-19 Jacob CasperCenter text instead of doing weird calculation
2020-04-19 Jacob CasperAdjust spacing
2020-04-19 Jacob CasperFetch from official api
2020-04-19 Jacob CasperTitle with genre centered
2020-04-19 Jacob CasperClear canvas on redraw
2020-04-19 Jacob CasperDraw artist in direction based on group
2020-04-19 Jacob CasperRecursively draw bracket
2020-04-19 Jacob CasperAdd rectangle dimension helper
2020-04-19 Jacob CasperAdd polyfill to submit form on blur in safari
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