2020-04-05 Jacob CasperAdd blame ignore file master
2020-04-05 Jacob CasperImprove bash formatting
2020-04-05 Jacob CasperAdd python venv init steps
2020-04-05 Jacob CasperPoll periodically with timer
2020-04-05 Jacob CasperEnable foreign keys on sent media insert
2020-04-05 Jacob CasperAdd
2020-04-05 Jacob CasperTimed job to tell listener to upload images to NextCloud
2020-04-05 Jacob CasperAdd a socket service that downloads images and puts...
2020-04-05 Jacob CasperWrite media URLs to database, not media to disk
2020-04-04 Jacob CasperCreate database during setup
2020-04-03 Jacob CasperRun service as non-root user
2020-04-03 Jacob CasperAllow port configuration
2020-04-03 Jacob CasperAdd systemd service file
2020-04-03 Jacob CasperWebhook to listen and download MMS content to files